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MarvelousAQL releases a full 3D Action-RPG game called Cross Horizon

MarvelousAQL, who happens to have a publishing house here in the USA as well called Marvelous USA and also works with XSeed games, has released a new full 3D Action-RPG onto Android called Cross Horizon that also features real-time combat and not the typical turn-based style you tend to find in these games.

This game was built from the ground up for mobile devices so all the controls were designed for use with touchscreens. Cross Horizon features a party-based system so it’ll be you and some other characters you pick up along the way battling it out with all the enemies you come across. Of course each character has their own special abilities and powers that you’ll need to take advantage of, weapons and armor to equip and upgrade, quests to complete and so on.

Attacks can be combined to form even stronger attacks which you’ll need to do in order to defeat the bosses you come across. There also happens to be some rather cool combat moves you can do such as throwing an enemy down a chasm or even lay traps for them to walk into. If you find your gear not strong enough, you can forge them into even stronger ones, along with your armor, through the use of black magic and other materials.

While the game is just now being mentioned as arriving onto Google Play, Cross Horizon must have went through some sort of location limited release since technically it has been out for a couple of months. Today, however, marks the day that everyone can download it. If you want a copy of Cross Horizon to play, just download it off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Cross Horizon

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