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Ubisoft finally announces a release date for Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame

You may remember back in April of this year we talked about Ubisoft who had announced that a new Prince of Persia game would be arriving soon called Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame. While we didn’t have an exact release date, we were just told that it would be ‘coming soon’.  Well now we have an exact release date for when this game will arriving onto Google Play.

For those of you eager to get your hands on this next installment into the Prince of Persia series on mobile, you won’t have to wait long as Ubisoft has announced that the game will be launching on July 25th, 2013. So basically a couple of weeks from now. This particular Prince of Persia game is actually one of the oldest ones which first appeared back in the MS-Dos days before getting remade for the Super Nintendo in the mid-90s.

This game will continue on telling the story of the original trilogy but this isn’t just a port or anything like that. The controls, graphics and gameplay have all been redesigned and modernized for play on mobile devices and to look better. There will also be to different control schemes you can use, the standard on-screen controls or a new tap-to-move control system.

In total there will be 15 different levels to play through and players will be able to choose to use elemental powers as well as three different types of attacks. There will also be over 25 weapons with special abilities for you to use. There are also achievements to earn as well.

So save your pennies for July 25th for when the game finally makes its way to Android.

Developer Website: Ubisoft

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