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DeProfundis offers up 25% off premium package, Lemegeton Master Edition is 50% off

A couple of additional sales going on right now that you may or may not know about this 4th of July. To celebrate today, a couple more developers are offering up a bit of a sale on their games. Lemegeton Master Edition by Lantansia is currently 50% off it’s regular price while the dungeon crawling game DeProfundis is offering up 25% off its premium package.

Lemegeton Master Edition is a side-scroll Action-RPG title that features quite a bit of content, lots of weapons and armor to use, plenty of enemies to kill including big boss fights, a customizable skill tree and two playable characters. That’s just a few of the game’s features but the list is actually quite long. Right now this game is on sale for 50% off its normal price, meaning you’ll be able to pick it up off of Google Play for $5.

Lemegeton Master Edition and DeProfundis

DeProfundis is a 3D dungeon crawling game which is completely free to play should you not want to spend a single cent. The game is complete and full but there is the option IAP should you want a little extra help. If not, there is nothing stopping you from completing the game and getting everything you want in it. Right now though the premium package is currently on sale for 25% off, which put the price of the premium package at $1.94.

Both game are pretty solid titles with lots of hours of content so if you’re looking to waste a few hours today, you might want to pick up either of these games.

Google Play Link: DeProfundis | Lemegeton Master Edition

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