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Kavinsky now available, bringing the old school beat ’em up arcade feeling with it

Last week we reported on a cool new arcade beat ’em up game that would be heading our way called Kavinsky. Well the french house artist and Outrun album producer’s game has arrived onto Google Play and offers up that old school arcade game feeling with plenty of music to enjoy that feeling with.

While this is a beat ’em up game at heart, Kavinsky actually offers up some addition styles of gameplay as well. When you’re not walking through the streets of L.A. beating the crap out of people, you’ll be driving Kavinsky‘s rather unique car while trying out opponents as well. On top of that, you’ll be able to use your device’s rear-facing camera to load up bonus stages that use your current location and scenery as the bonus level’s environment.

Kavinsky Features:

• Several fight levels against shady street villains.
• Exciting Boss Fight!
• Drive Kavinsky’s emblematic car.
• Feel the speed in a race to outrun opponents.
• With the camera of your device and Augmented Reality technology, bonus levels can be played with any background location you choose.
• Awesome 16-bit pixel retro play mode.
• Game soundtrack produced by Kavinsky.

There is also one additional feature that is rather cool and if you happen to be a fan of retro games, this should make you happy. Kavinsky comes with the option to load up in 16-bit mode, giving the game that true retro game feeling. If you’re ready to check this game out, you can download it off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Kavinsky

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