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Olethros is a retro style action platformer where your weapon is a talking bird

A new action platformer has arrived onto Android that was inspired by some of the more classic games of this genre from back in the day where 16-bit games ruled. Developed by PewPewNinjaX, Olethros has you thrust into a weird and terrible world after your wife was kidnapped. For some particular reason, once you are there in this new world, a talking bird speaks to you and offers up his help.

This bird ends up becoming your primary weapon as you make your way through 66 different levels as you search for your kidnapped wife. You’ll also have to deal with six boss fights if you plan on saving her. The controls are pretty simple to master and sticks to what you would find in an old school game like this.

Olethros Features:

– 66 levels
– 6 boss fights
– Accurate controls : left / right, jump / attack
– Polished retro style art
– 8 amazing music themes plus sound effects

If you happen to be a fan of retro style action platformers then you might want to check this little indie title out. Olethros is available for download off of Google Play for free. You can also see the game in action in the video below. PewPewNinjaX also has plans for Olethros 2 and 3 to arrive in the future.

Google Play Link: Olethros

Forum Discussion: Olethros Thread

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