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Rovio Stars to release Tiny Thief onto Android on July 11th

Rovio’s recently announced third-party publishing brand, called Rovio Stars, will be launching their first game onto Android on July 11th, 2013. While iOS already has had one of the two games already announced to be coming under the Rovio Stars brand, that being Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, our first game will end up being Tiny Thief from 5 Ants.

While Tiny Thief is a puzzle game, it isn’t a physics-based puzzler which Rovio always makes. Instead this is more of a stealth-based puzzle game wrapped in a medieval theme. There is a plethora of characters to meet in this game, making it almost look like an RPG in some ways and a lot of the environment in each stage is interactive. In total there are over 50 different characters to talk to and interact with across 30 different stages. There also happens to be over 100 different items to hunt down and find.

Tiny Thief is slated for release onto both Google Play and iOS on July 11th, 2013. As for pricing, we don’t have those details just yet. You can check out the trailer for Tiny Thief in the video below. As for when Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage will appear on Google Play, no word on that just yet but it is coming.

Developer Website: 5Ants

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