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Sonic 4 Episode I & II now available on Ouya, Sonic CD arriving soon

Back in June we mentioned that Sega had come on board in regards to bringing their blue hedgehog over to the Android-powered game console Ouya. Well two of their games have finally arrived today: Sonic 4 Episode I and Episode II. Sonic CD is currently coming down the pipeline as well and should be arriving in the near future.

Since Ouya games are all free-to-play downloads, you’ll be able to play Sonic 4 Episode I and Episode II for free as a trial. Should you enjoy the game enough to buy it, you can then purchase the full game through an IAP to unlock all the content. The first levels of Episode 1 will be free while Episode 2 will offer up the first two levels, called A New Frontier and Snow Blind Wonderland, for free.

No word on exactly when Sonic CD will land on Ouya but if you want to purchase Sonic 4 Episode I & Episode II, it’ll cost you $6.99 for each one.

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