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American McGee and Spicy Horse cancel their OZombie Kickstarter

American McGee and Spicy Horse Games have cancelled their Kickstarter campaign they had running for their twisted Wizard of Oz themed game called OZombie, although that name was going to be changed to something else. This game was to feature Dorothy and friends who were out to stop a rather angry Scarecrow who was taking his anger out on everyone, turning them into zombies and draining all the imagination and creativity from the land.

The reason for the cancellation of the OZombie Kickstarter campaign is actually due to Alice and the rights for that IP which Spicy Horse have been trying to get. After coming to an agreement, after they had to drop the stretch goal in the OZombie campaign referring to Alice movies, the company will either be paying $100,000 a month to use the Alice IP or can buy it out at $500,000.

So to avoid missing the opportunity to use the Alice IP, Spicy Horse has cancelled the Kickstarter campaign in favor to set up a new one for Alice: Otherlands, the new Alice title we talked about previously. Unfortunately, this new Alice title won’t be arriving as a game but instead as a series of animated short films which take place after Alice: Madness Returns.

So in the end there will be no OZombie game and no Alice: Otherlands game, only the animated short films. However, Spicy Horse can always do another campaign after the upcoming Alice one to fund OZombie, something they are considering doing. The upcoming Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter campaign will be going live sometime this week.

Website Referenced: EuroGamer

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