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Upcoming tactical strategy game Breach & Clear gets an official trailer

We’ve been following the development of a rather good looking tactical strategy game called Breach & Clear and now we finally have an official trailer for the game to watch. Originally this game was going to be free-to-play but the developers did not want the game mechanics and fun to be ruin so they switched to making the game a full paid title instead.

For those of you not familair with this game, Breach & Clear is a tactical warfare game with highly details 3D visuals and some pretty entertaining looking gameplay that Robert Bowling, Gun Media and Mighty Rabbit are working on. In this game players will be controlling a squad of four special ops soldiers through different infiltration missions that have different objectives to complete.

Breach & Clear Features:

– Build your team from the ground up like never before
– Customize your loadout, your weapon and your team to create the most efficient force it can be
– Guide your team with intuitive controls as you take on some of the most dangerous scenarios available with design input by real members of special operations
– Take on hardened enemy positions and increasingly complex missions and levels
– Unlock and equip the very best that the special operations community has to offer from real world rifles and equipment to units from around the US and abroad

Right now Breach & Clear is slated for release onto iOS this Thursday. Both versions up until now were slated for release ‘this Summer’ so hopefully we see this game arrive this week as well for Android. If not, the Android release can’t be too far off.

Website Referenced: Slide-to-play

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