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Sine Mora shoot ’em up confirmed to be coming to Android very soon

Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture will be bringing their Playstation 3/Xbox 360 shoot ’em up game called Sine Mora over to Android in the very near future. This game was released for consoles in November of last year and is a rather cool 2.5D shooter which, for those of you unfamiliar with what 2.5D is, has the gameplay on two axises while the environment in which you are moving around in is rendered in 3D.

In this game you’ll be piloting a fighter type of space ship, blasting away at enemies as they come at you while enjoying all the eye candy you can handle. So action is done in a side-scrolling manner while the environments are all rendered with 3D visuals. The interesting thing is that Sine Mora is labeled as a bullet hell but you can set the difficulty you experience within the game, making it less of a bullet hell shooter if you suck at those types of games. However, if you’re up for it, you can crank the difficulty up to hard or insane should you want to test your bullet hell skills.

The console version of Sine Mora comes with four game modes to play through. While we are not 100% sure if all four will be brought over into the Android version, if they are then you’ll have Story, Arcade, Score Attack, and Boss Training modes to play through. All of the game modes are pretty self explanatory except for maybe boss training which, as the name suggests, you’ll be practicing against bosses you’ve already unlocked in the normal game. This won’t give you access to bosses you haven’t faced yet though.

So when can you expect to see Sine Mora arriving onto Google Play? Well from what we understand the game should be arriving sometime in the next couple of weeks as long as everything goes smoothly with getting the game ready for launch. As for pricing, we don’t have details about that yet.

Screenshots and video from the console version of Sine Mora.

Official Website: Sine Mora

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