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Stay Alight is a visually impressive physics puzzle game that is available now

A new physics-based puzzle game has arrived onto Google Play called Stay Alight. Developed by WYSE Games, Stay Alight features some pretty impressive visuals that make this a pretty unique physics-based puzzler to play. While the game itself is almost your standard title in this genre, the visuals are what sets this game apart from the others.

As the story goes, you’ll be playing as Mr. Bulb who is out to save the world from the green microbes that have taken it over. You’ll need to find where they are hiding and figure out how to destroy them in each level, eventually getting rid of all of them and saving the world.

Stay Alight Features:

• Realistic physics
• Amazing graphics
• Unique settings (micro world)
• Huge number of unique levels
• Superpowers

For those of you looking for a new physics-based puzzle game to sink your teeth into, and happen to want something a little bit more visually impressive than your average 2D graphics, you might want to check out Stay Alight. Downloading a copy of the game will cost you a whole lot of nothing.

Google Play Link: Stay Alight

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