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Titan: Escape The Tower block breaker has smashed its way onto Google Play

Back in 1988 a block breaking game called Titan was released and eventually became quite popular. Well the franchise is back with a revisited and given an overhaul, almost making it more of a sequel than an actual revamping of the game. In fact Titan has been given a bit of a new name for this version called Titan: Escape the Tower.

Titan: Escape the Tower is a brand new HD version of the block breaking game complete with 3D environments and an 80-level tower you’ll need to smash your way through in order to escape to freedom, sweet horrible freedom. This isn’t your typical block breaking game though, you’ll need to avoid traps and other hazards while trying to make your way out of the tower.

Titan: Escape the Tower Features:

• 80 diabolical levels from the original game
• A captivating futuristic universe
• Superb 3D environments
• An original gameplay offering varied situations (clear a passage for the ball by breaking the blocks with the racket, use teleporters, and much more…)
• 8 different universes offering their own specific traps and gameplay subtleties (Prison, Techno, Forest, Ice, Water, Air, Fire, Alien)
• With two difficulty levels, normal and original, this version offers the same conditions as the original game (speed, number of lives), with the added advantage of being able to save your progress.
• 2 camera positions (close-up and distant)
• 2 camera angles (overhead view, the same as for the original TITAN, and perspective view)

This is definitely one of the more challenging games in this genre so if you’re up for taking a shot at this game, you can download it off of Google Play for $2.09. Definitely worth it if you like these sort of games, especially if you remember the original Titan.

Google Play Link: Titan: Escape the Tower

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