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The Walking Dead: Assault is a new official Walking Dead game that is now available

There is a new zombie survival game out on Google Play today but unlike a lot of the other ones out there, this particular one is a game a lot of people will probably want to play. That is because it is an official The Walking Dead game called The Walking Dead: Assault, based off of Robert Kirkman’s award winning “The Walking Dead” comic series.

This particular game expands on the original The Walking Dead title with more content and improvements such as additional and enhanced sound and graphics, new tweaks to the game’s balance, additional booster items and the inclusion of the Michonne character update from the original game as well.

The Walking Dead: Assault Features:

• Authentic locations from the award-winning comic series, visualized within a 3D comic book style!
• Play as your favorite characters from the comics with intuitive controls built for Touch-screen devices!
• Trigger distractions such as flares and car alarms to divert attention away from you and your party – but be careful how much noise you make!
• Unlock and upgrade your characters’ attributes to tilt the odds in your favor!
• Beat your friends times via Google Play Leaderboards!

This game comes with Google Play Games Services integrated into it with achievements and leaderboards. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock bonus content as well related to the show and comic. For those of you interested in checking this game out, The Walking Dead: Assault can be downloaded off of Google Play for $2.99. This will net you the first episode in the game called “Days Gone By”.

Google Play Link: The Walking Dead: Assault

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