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Gameloft begins teasing their upcoming movie spin-off game Thor: The Dark World

Gameloft has a new movie spin-off game based off of the upcoming Thor movie and have begun teasing its upcoming release with a new teaser trailer. Ironically, while most teaser trailers never show any gameplay of the title they happen to be teasing, this new teaser trailer from Gameloft actually shows quite a bit of the gameplay.

Officially titled Thor: The Dark World, you’ll be playing as Thor who, according to the brief description, will be leading the Asgardian forces against Marauders and Elves. This is done though various missions (over 100) which you will need to complete. Judging from the gameplay, this looks like it will be an action-arcade style of game, possibly with some RPG elements layered onto it. Sort of like Dungeon Hunter but with Thor involved, possibly with little helpers of his own.

Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of details regarding Thor: The Dark World aside from what we see in this teaser trailer above. While there is a bunch of little enemies you’ll need to deal with, right near the end of the video we get to see a rather big and nasty looking boss which means we can expect at least a few good boss fights in this game.

Thor: The Dark World is slated for release sometime this Fall, most likely near the movie’s release in theaters. This will be a free-to-play game.

Website Referenced: Gameloft’s YouTube

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