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Nvidia’s Shield slated to begin shipping on July 31st

After a recent hardware issue that delayed Nvidia’s upcoming Android powered handheld gaming system called Shield, Nvidia has announced that things are finally underway and that pre-orders and anyone else who is planning to order the Shield between now and before the device’s release can expect units to begin shipping out on July 31st, 2013.

The Tegra 4 powered Shield still is tagged with the reduced price of $299 and pre-orders are still available as well should you want to snag one up now instead of trying to buy one when they hit online stores. People interested in picking one up can do so if you live in the US or Canada, everyone else has to wait to see if Shield will make it to their region.

You can pre-order an Nvidia Shield through Newegg or Nvidia themselves online or you can pick one up in person at select GameStop stores, Micro Centers or Canada Computers.

Official Website: Nvidia Shield

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