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Looks like Fez is still coming to Ouya even though Phil Fish is quitting making games

If you follow the gaming news in a general sense then you’ve probably read about Phil Fish quitting making games, cancelling Fez 2 and all that good weird drama-filled stuff that makes the internet both a good and bad place. Well even though it does suck that Mr. Fish will be quitting, regardless of the stance anyone has regarding the issues surrounding it or what you think of the guy himself, it appears that the planned ports of the original game are still going to happen.

The development studio Polytron sent a Tweet out with a message saying that they are not going anywhere just yet as there is plenty of porting to do still. So it sounds like all things are still a go from Fez to arrive on Ouya and possibly Android mobile devices as well. An iOS version is ‘very probable’ according to the last time we reported on Fez so we’re still hoping it’ll make it to Android mobile devices as well. At least Ouya will be getting it.

If you are interested in reading up about how it all came about with Fez 2 being cancelled and Phil Fish giving up on making games, just use Google. You should get more than enough results about the drama that is surrounding this whole issue. In the meantime, at least there is a silver lining to the dark cloud that is Fish leaving, we are still getting Fez it sounds like.

Website Referenced: Polytron’s Twitter

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