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Rising Empires is a new 4x turn-based strategy game now in beta

There is a new empire building 4x strategy game available for Android gamers to check out called Rising Empires. Developed by Hellhound Interactive, this game features six playable races with each one having their own set of unique abilities. There is also one very interesting feature about this game and that is there’s actually two levels to fight on.

When we say there are two levels we mean the terrain actually has two different levels. There is the standard surface as well as a subsurface available which can be used to travel in. Thee will be cave opening and things like that where you can enter to subsurface and move your troops through underground.

Rising Empires Features:

– 6 races, all with unique abilities making for very different game experiences
– Two levels (surface and subsurface) with cave openings to enable movement between them
– All empires design their own troop types and give them abilities that suit their playing style
– An advanced combat system to battle it out with the different troop types
– A well developed technology tree

Like with any good RTs-esque game, Rising Empires features a good technology tree which you can use to customize your units as you progress through a match. This also means the match-ups will be much more dynamic since all players will be able to use different combinations of skills and upgrades.

Right now Rising Empires is available on Google Play for free and is currently labeled as a beta. This means there could be some bugs in the game and if you happen to find one, or just have a suggestion on how to improve the game, send then developer an email. Rising Empires will official launch September 21st and will have both a free (ad supported) version as well as a paid full version without ads.

Google Play Link: Rising Empires

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