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Custom skins are now available for PlayJam’s GameStick

For those of you who enjoy modding and customizing your gadgets and consoles, Diablo Skinz now has custom skins for your future GameStick Android-powered portable console. This is one of the few companies to begin making custom skins for Android consoles, with Mod Junkiez announcing their custom Ouya controller skins back in June of this year.

These new skins cover the top of the GameStick with custom artwork available through Diablo Skinz. There happens to be a lot of them too with almost 6 pages of designs to sift through.

While these are not full cases or covers, they do look pretty good. It would be cool to see something that completely wraps the GameStick in custom artwork instead of just the top. Either way these are pretty solid and price-wise they are pretty reasonable. Currently these GameStick skins sell for around $10.75 US. This company is from the U.K. so keep that in mind if you decide to buy one.

Official Website: Diablo Skinz

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