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That Dragon, Cancer will be arriving exclusively for Ouya in 2014

Ouya has been working hard on getting exclusive content for their Android-powered game console with programs such as starting up the $1 million fund for developers who get successfully funded on Kickstarter for their Ouya game. The company also courts a lot of developers as well and invests in them in order to bring their games to Ouya as either a temporary or permanent exclusive.

One such title that has now benefited from Ouya investing in them is a game called That Dragon, Cancer. This isn’t a hack ‘n slash game or and RPG or anything else folks might be used to. This is a rather emotional game about a family coping with a young child’s terminal illness. Developed by Ryan Green, Josh Larson, Jon Hillman and Nat Iwata, this is an interactive adventure style of game that follows the story of Joel, a 4 year old boy who is diagnosed with cancer.

This point-and-click style of game doesn’t stray to far from home with the developers as the game is about Ryan Green’s son. In the current form the game is just a short insert (around 10 minutes long in demo form) into a much bigger story but thanks to the investment from Ouya, That Dragon, Cancer will finally be made into a full game and will be exclusive to the Android console. As for how much funding the developers got, that number is being held behind closed doors.

Originally, we wanted to create an art installation, something that people could play and experience together,” Green said. “I think playing it in a living room with your family and friends, this experience can be a catalyst for talking about hard things. Bringing it to the living room makes a lot of sense; we wanted to make a one to two hour game, something that could be done in one sitting. – Ryan Green on making it for Ouya instead of mobile

The game won’t be 100% serious and dramatic. There will be plenty of fun and funny parts as well. Plenty to make people smile as much as they are to feel sad and other emotions. It is something that is a bit different than what most people experience when playing games.

It’ll be interesting to see how well That Dragon, Cancer is received when it lands on Ouya in 2014. Until then, there is a teaser trailer which you can watch in the video above.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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