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InnoGames releases a new video detailing their upcoming mobile version of Grepolis

Back in March of last year during GDC 2012 we sat down with InnoGames’ Head of Public Relations Dennis Heinert where we talked about the company’s catalog of MMORTS games and how they would be heading to Android soon. Since then Tribal Wars arrived and is still labeled as a beta. One of their other big MMORTS titles called Grepolis has also been slated for release onto Android and it looks like the game could finally be getting released soon.

To prepare for the release of Grepolis, InnoGames has released a new trailer (more of an instructional overview video) which goes into detail as to what you can expect the mobile version of their game to be. One thing you will notice about Grepolis that differs from the mobile version of Tribal Wars is that, at least from what we see in the video, the game is much more visual as less menu driven.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, Grepolis is an MMORTS game set in ancient Greece. Players will have to build up their kingdoms, build up their armies (both land and sea) and research technology in order to be powerful enough to not only defend against other players attacking your kingdom, but going out and attacking other players as well.

Grepolis has a full guild system as well, just like Tribal Wars does. Harvesting resources to accomplish all of this is also an essential part of the game. However one thing that sets Grepolis apart from Tribal Wars is that the ancient Greek gods play a role in this game as well. As for features, the mobile version will have all the functionality the browser-based version does including advanced options such as using the attack planner.

It has been a long time coming with Grepolis coming to mobile but it appears that the wait could very well be over soon. Gameplay will be cross-platform so if you want to get a feel for the game now, you can always start playing the browser version. Grepolis for mobile will be free-to-play when it is released and InnoGames has already released a companion application, called Grepolis Toolbox, for the game which is more of an application that lets you check up on your city and do some basic commands.

Official Website: Grepolis

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