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Upcoming Steam game Electronic Super Joy will also be making its way to Android soon

An upcoming skill-based platformer that will be released onto PC soon through Steam will also be heading to Android in the near future. Developed by Michael Todd Games, Electronic Super Joy is a rather challenging platformer that has pounding electronic music going in the background.

Players will need to run, jump, fly and smash through a large selection of levels (45+) while listening to intense music. The developer is planning on bringing this future Steam game over to Android once the PC version is released. According to the developer, the design will pretty much remain the same between the two versions except for some possible tweaks that may need to be done for the touchscreen.

Electronic Super Joy Features:

– Play through 45+ pulse-pounding levels
– Groove to over 35 tracks of electronic music
– Jump, Smash, Fly, and Dance across 3 brutal worlds
– 8+ hours of gameplay
– 3 HUGE Boss fights

To give everyone an idea on just how insane and challenging this game is, it is already being dubbed ‘The unholy merging of Super Meat Boy and Super Hexagon’ which, if you’re a fan of skilled-based platformer, may have just made you drool all over your Android device in anticipation for Electronic Super Joy. As for when you can get your hands on this game, the developer is hoping to have Electronic Super Joy on Google Play in about a month’s time after the PC version is released.

It will definitely be interesting to see how a hard skill-based platformer fairs using touchscreen controls.

Screenshots and trailer from PC version.

Official Website: Electronic Super Joy

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