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Chapter 1 of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – Blood on the Snow coming this November

Fans of Adventure/RPG books like Tin Man Games’ Gamebook Adventures or Fighting Fantasy series have something pretty awesome to look forward to this November. Forge Replay has teamed up with Bulkypix to bring the digital version of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – Blood on the Snow and the first chapter will be landing on Android in a few months.

Our friends over at Bulkypix actually sent word to us about a week ago regarding this game and that it was on the way to Android. Now that the Gamescome teaser video is out, we get to see what will be coming with Lone Wolf. This series is quite interactive, even more so than something from Tin Man Games.

Examples of combat in Lone Wolf

While the core mechanic of this game series is an RPG book, where you will be presented with choices you have to make as you read through it, Lone Wolf – Blood on the Snow also has interactive parts like 3D turn-based combat and other mini-games you will have to partake in.

The series will be split into four chapters and all of them will have this level of interaction. It really does bring a new level to gamebooks, making them have a lot more life to them since when it is time for combat, you actually have to fight. Forge Replay has released a teaser trailer for Gamescom 2013 which you can check out below. As soon as we find out about an actual release date and pricing, we will be sure to post an update.

Official Website: Lone Wolf The Game

Website Referenced: Touch Arcade

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