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Crescent Moon Games unleashes Siegecraft Defender onto Android

Crescent Moon Games has unleashed their newest title onto Google Play called Siegecraft Defender. While this may look like a standard tower defense game at first glance, Siegecraft Defender is definitely a lot more than that, almost taking the form of a MOBA in certain way with some of the game’s mechanics.

As the story goes, there has been peace in the land of Siegecraft for about 2 years now. However all peace doesn’t last and the Lizardmen have risen up against the Knights of Freemoi, so war has begun once again. In terms of content, Siegecraft Defender has a lot of it from a variety of towers and upgrades to just the amount of levels the game comes with.

Siegecraft Defender Features:

+ Classic TD game play set in the beautiful world of Siegecraft.
+ Over 1 Million people have enjoyed the world of Siegecraft to date!
+ Dozens of enemies on screen at once, all rendered in amazing 3D!
+ Real-time shadows and pixel shaders for your visual pleasure!
+ 15 unique towers
+ 18 unique units
+ Over 30 levels
+ Over 10 hours of campaign mode
+ Endless single player maps for infinite game play
+ Multiplayer for fun combat against your friends in local hotseat
+ Globally ranked multiplayer matches to prove you are the strategy Master!

For those of you curious, this game does integrate Google Play Games Services such as achievements, cloud saving and leaderboards. There is also multiplayer available for those of you who want to try your hand at being the best there is. For those of you ready to dive into another Siegecraft game, you can pick this one up off of Google Play for $2.99.

Google Play Link: Siegecraft Defender

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