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[GameStop Expo] Kongregate to release full mobile games in the coming weeks

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted much the past couple of days. That was because we had plenty of meetings over the past couple of days as well as some events to go to. Here in Las Vegas, GameStop held their annual expo which is sort of like a mini E3 and believe it or not, this year’s expo had a decent amount of mobile news.

The first booth we hit up was the Kongragate booth where we learned that Kongregate, one of the biggest sites for flash-based games, will be bringing fully mobile titles to Android in the coming weeks. Two of these games are already out on iOS with an addition 5-6 titles slated for release soon after.

These are not just mobile compatible games like the previous ones available through the Kongregate app. These will be full mobile games instead. The first two games that are currently on iOS will be the first two to be released onto Android as well. Unfortunately we don’t have a specific date just yet as for their launch, only that it will be coming in the next few weeks.

Developer Website: Kongregate

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