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[GameStop Expo] The Walking Dead will be arriving onto Ouya this Winter

During the GameStop Expo, pretty much every Android console maker was there. Ouya, of course, would be one of those companies and the biggest thing they were promoting was the upcoming The Walking Dead game which TellTale Games will be bringing to Ouya later this year.

Actually we should clarify just a bit. It isn’t just The Walking Dead: Season One (all 5 episodes) coming to Ouya but also the DLC pack 400 Days which was recently released onto other platforms a few weeks go. So both of these will be coming to Ouya soon. Don’t be worried about the upcoming Season 2 either as that will also be making its way to Ouya as well in the future.

This is actually pretty big news for the console which, up until lately, hasn’t seen a ton of game sales. That doesn’t mean its bad or anything, just that the consumer may be waiting for that one golden game and this could be it. The first episode in the Walking Dead will be available for free with the rest of the episodes and 400 Days being available for purchase.

Unfortunately Ouya didn’t have the game on-hand to try out while we were there.

Official Website: TellTall Games

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