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A rule to follow in life – Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword. Playing the game is okay though.

There are a few rules in life that everyone should be following. This includes things like not running with knives and scissors. Apparently you aren’t support to run with a plasma sword as well. Who knew? However the game Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword will be making the leap from iOS to Android in the very near future.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword is a retro-style arcade runner with plenty of humor layered onto it as well as hack n’ slash gameplay. The game comes with two modes, an endless runner to see how long you can survive, and a story mode with checkpoints and boss fights to enjoy.

From the sounds of things it looks like this game will be entering a beta phase of testing soon and the developers may be looking for beta testers in the near future. Like we do with all betas that happen, we will be sure to announce when sign-ups are live. Until then you can checkout the screenshots and video here or jump over to our forums and post a question or talk with the developers themselves.

Developer Website: XperimentalZ Games

Forum Discussion: Plasma Sword thread

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