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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Amazon AppStore surprise, Indie Game Sale, Kingdom Rush and more

It’s that time again to round-up all the Android games that are on sale right now. This week is an interesting one since Amazon’s AppStore in Europe is celebrating their first year being open ad are offering up ten free games and apps instead of the usual one. Even though this is to celebrate the European store, other countries like Canada, US and so on can also access this and take advantage of the freebies.

Add to the list that Google is hosting their mega sale on indie games and there is also a variety of back-to-school discounts going on right now and you get yourself a might big list of games discounted a lot or free to choose from. Like always, click on the game’s name to head to its Google Play listing or Amazon AppStore page.

Google Play Indie Game Mega Sale titles:

Gear Jack by Crescent Moon Games now $0.99

SpaceChem Mobile by Zachtronics now $2.99

Jack Lumber by Owlchemy Games now $1.99

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler by Bootsnake Games now $0.99

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery by Capybara Games now $1.99

The Walking Dead: Assault by Skybound LLC now $1.49

Combo Crew by The Game Bakers now $0.99

The Room by Fireproof Games now $0.99

Amazon’s AppStore celebration freebies:

Pac-Man (Kindle Fire) by Namco

Angry Birds (Ad-free) by Rovio

Cut The Rope by Zeptolabs

World of Goo by 2D Boy

Sprinkle by Mediocre

Other games on sale on Google Play:

Aralon: Swords and Shadows by Crescent Moon now only $0.99

Ravensword: Shadowlands by Crescent Moon now only $4.99

Sine Mora by Digital Reality now only $2.99

Kingdom Rush by Ironhide Game Studio now only $0.99

Gangstar Vegas by Gameloft now only $3.99

Toy Defense 2 by Melesta Games now only $0.99

Wisp by Triolith Entertainment now only $1.53

Dropchord by Double Fine Productions now only $0.99

C.H.A.O.S Tournament HD by Skyjet International now only $0.99

Boulder Dash-XL by Herocraft now only $1.30

Walking Mars by Tiger Style now only $1.99

Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor by Tiger Style now only $0.99

Strategy & Tactics: WW II by Herocraft now only $2.99

Tiny Token Empires by Herocraft now only $0.99

As always, if you spot a game on sale that isn’t on this list, be sure to leave a comment below with the game name, price and a link to it so everyone can take advantage of it.

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