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3 more Kairosoft Games that might be coming to Android in the near future

Well it has been almost 3 months since the newest Japanese farming Kairosoft game was spotted in the Play Store and still no English version has come forward. However, a new game has been spotted on Kairosofts site so we know they have been busy working away on something. The latest game looks to be another management sim and this one looks like it is based on running a Social Network Gaming Company.

From what we can gather on the translated page you hire a team of programmers and designers and try to come up with ideas on ways to capitalize on new social games. Your games will get entered into the Gamedex Convention to see if your games can gain more fans, which seems similar to Game Dev Story but with a Facebook..err Social Network spin.

The other two games include a Shipping Port Management simulation where you import and export goods and ship them around the world to other ports while trying to defend against pirates, as well as an Pop Idle singing simulation where it seems like you are trying to train and manager pop singers while trying to sign albums and increase revenue by CD sales. While none of these games are guaranteed to be translated or have a definitive release date for Android it is still good too see Kairosoft hard at work and making more games. If Kairosoft sticks to its usual motif then we should see a translation soon on their farming sim that’s in the Japanese Play Store anytime now and if not I’m sure it will still release before other Pixel Art games that should be ported to Android OS, yeah Star Command I’m looking at you…

Translated to English from Kairosofts Website:

Social game company management simulation to train staff and our charismatic president, fast-growing service Aim!

Staff who are rich personality programmers, designers, and idea man in a small company of only one floor. Let’s run a social game company with them.  The contract with the new platform, and brainstormed ideas at the meeting. The release Once you have developed a new sense of the game in combination popular. If you managed to win the hearts and minds of users,? May become popular game the whole world is crazy immediately  or be nominated for the grand prize game, or had a booth in the game index, the company will also be bigger and bigger. Let Makiokoso a whirlwind in industry, releasing a lot of popular games!

“Shooting” × “airplane” × and “Gacha function”, a combination of content and genre, there may also be a Oh My God 10 million downloads achievement of high reviews. Ability and level of staff increases by or heal staff kindness of the president, to present it with all your heart and “banana” and “dumbbell”, even into the next job even.  If the development does not work hard, Let’s call the helper.Cairo kun is? Be willing to help you with the development  to the management company, charisma of the president will be questioned. First I might say also talking something a dream. Forever Dream

Aim the trade harbor kingdom management simulation! World’s most powerful tourists come by boat from many foreign port when the development

The first is a small harbor no dock. Let’s take accumulating your funds by selling the people of their home country have produced the goods. New Products and buildings will increase laboratory if Hittite. Let’s aim to sell efficient while to monitor the demand of every season. Let’s place the building in the hope to the Ikuo shopping satisfaction with the audience that where what you surging … or to place

There is also a country that is in the way the evil monster with the pirates in the world. Let’s bring peace to increase the force. New resources will be able to trade in the country you have the opening of the country. Based on the material you got, let’s continue to the development of new products.Tourists and more resources will now come with a new business alliance friendship point with other countries if Tamale. Be calculated to clear the game, highest degree container is able to compete with other players using the net rankings. You may characters have of Cairo Park settle down when doing long game. It is a hard worker very well this tim

Idol singer training simulation game Let’s lead to hit a million talent and runs a music office

We raise the eggs of the singer in as president of the music office.  Rookie with a different personality, so be excavated, let’s hired a character likely to grow. There is no work in the rookie, and you can not and CD production. Recording will be able to if you belong to the record company by increasing the capacity by the lesson. I can perform live and held special sales request after his debut. Let’s work hard to become a Music Awards to be held on each record for each company.

CD sales also will extend fans increasing for example, or in the guest was invited and “Car Launch” and “Film Festival”, to be carried out operating activities. Also that you swept the companies Music Awards, was nominated for the honor of the highest peak in the “Nippon Million Award” live venue if you keep the sold-out. Let’s become a popular singer of million hit volley while performing the growth of the band members and merchandising. Is no border in the song. Theme song of the streets and aims singer is recorded in the ending time of the ’20, make it easier to all win when you play next. In addition, and is promoting the game, it is possible that residents of Cairo Park said, “motivation is no longer ink is spilled into the application document” and appeared. Live venues and other secret may be discovered.

Website Referenced: Kairosoft

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