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Transformers: Legends to get weekly episode updates throughout September, new PvP on the way

DeNA has announced that their TCG called Transformers: Legends will be getting weekly episodic updates through this month. Each week will be new episodes of content which will be released as an update. There is a lot of content on the way including a new PvP multiplayer episode to try out.

The first episode begins today, which is called One Shall Fall, and the theme for this episode is the showdown between Optimus Prime against Megatron. This is also the first time Optimus Prime is in the game as an Ultra Rare card.

Also heading your way in these episodes are the Dinobots which will be making their first appearance in Transformers: Legends as well. Rounding off everything for right now is a new PvP episode being added to the game as well.

All of these updates to the content and more are going to be arriving throughout this month on a weekly basis. If you have questions about this game, we will be doing an interview with Transformers: Legends producer Tom Hess so leave your questions in the comments below. We’ll be doing the interview in the next day or so.

Google Play Link: Transformers: Legends

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