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Upcoming Steam game Door Kickers from KillHouse Games ‘almost certainly’ coming to Android

Today we have word of another Steam game that will most likely be making its way to mobile devices as well. Door Kickers by KillHouse Games is currently available in a limited access edition on Steam while the team continues to work on the game. This particular game is an RTS title with 2D visuals and gameplay similar to that of Frozen Synapse.

However, while Frozen Synapse has a more abstract style of interface and visuals, Door Kickers has a less abstract style of user interface to use. When we talked to the fine folks over at KillHouse Games, they told us that a mobile version of Door Kickers is ‘almost certain’. However, this mobile version will likely land on tablets first when it arrive and then the company will work on bringing it to smartphones as well.

As for the game’s content, it should be the same for the most part according to Mihai Gosa, Co-Founder and all around Tech Guy at KillHouse Games. As for when you can expect this game to finally get released onto Android, right now KillHouse Games is looking to bring Door Kickers to tablets after the PC release. Then smartphones will get the game shortly after that as well.

You can check out some of the Alpha gameplay footage from the PC version in the video above to get an idea about the gameplay.

Developer Website: KillHouse Games

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