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DroidGamers News: Our Minecraft: Pocket Edition server is now live!

We have been talking about getting our own official Minecraft: Pocket Edition servers online for our readers to play on. Well now that Mojang has added support for people to easily log into external servers within Minecraft: Pocket Edition, it is about that time for our first server to go live.

This first server will be straight up vanilla Minecraft: Pocket Edition. We do plan to open up both a Creative server and a Modded Server as well but to start things off, this first server will be a vanilla Survival server. PvP is also enabled on this as well but if it gets a little out of hand we will turn it off and open up a full PvP server as well.

As for open spots, there will be 30 available slots for people to join the game with to start off while we monitor how the server handles it. Then we will slowly increase the user cap higher and higher. We were going to do a whitelist but after looking into that, it seems like that would take a ridiculous amount of work to maintain. We may open up the ability to get whitelisted so even when the server is full, whitelisted people can still get on.

We have a complete forum set up as many of you know dedicated for all things related to Minecraft: Pocket Edition and also our servers as well. Feel free to hop on over there to talk with other players, share buildings and whatever else you may want. All the details on how to connect to our server are available on the official forum thread. You do have to be a member of the forums to view this particular thread to help keep things enjoyable for everyone. At least for right now while we monitor things.

See you there!

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