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Square Enix announces their next franchise coming to mobile – Dragon Quest

One of Square Enix rather popular game franchises from back in the day happens to be Dragon Quest. While this franchise didn’t have the cult following the Final Fantasy franchise has, it still held its own as one of the more popular series of RPGs from the old school era of consoles. Now Square Enix has announced that a bunch of Dragon Quest games are heading to mobile soon.

To be more precise, the majority of the franchise will be coming to Android and iOS which means Dragon Quest 1-8 at least. This falls right in line with Square Enix’s recent news that they would be focusing a lot more on mobile games without letting their console business slide to the side.

Of course this news comes as a double-edged sword as there is no official world if these games will be released worldwide or strictly in Japan. However, considering all the Final Fantasy games making their way to everyone, it is a safe bet that these too will make the journey across the ocean. As soon as more details emerge, we’ll post an update.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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