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Spacetime Games releases their new MMO strategy game called Battle Command

Spacetime Games, formerly known as Spacetime Studios, has released their newest MMO strategy warfare game onto Google Play today called Battle Command. In this particular game players will be given a small group of soldiers which you will then use to build the best possible military force.

Battle Command at its core is a city building strategy warfare game not too different from Spacetime Games’ previous release called Battle Dragons. However there are no dragons in this game and this one is set in a time period more into the future. Players will need to build up their military base with a variety of structures. You’ll need to handle resource management, base construction, technology research for making advanced troop types and actually building an army up. Your army can consist of both offensive and defensive units on land as well as in the air.

Battle Command Features:

• Ground forces –grenadiers, commandos, spies and more
• Powerful vehicles – assault bikes, jeeps, tanks and more
• Aircraft – drones, choppers, air strikes and more
• Defensive structures – gun turrets, mortars, missiles and more
• Fight other players in PvP mode, play the single player story campaign or spar your own base to test your defenses
• Watch and learn how to build stronger defenses through battle replays
• Forge an alliance with friends to donate troops and boost reach other’s resource production
• Over 20 different units to unlock and send into battle
• Friends help you get more resources and build upgrades faster

Since there are specific defensive units and structures you can build in this game to protect your military base with, you’ll need to make sure that you have a decent balance of both offensive and defensive units. Players will also be able to call in special attacks like air strikes against opponents as well.

For those of you who have been waiting to check this game out since we last reported on it, Battle Command is now available on Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Battle Command

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