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Lovecraftian Tower Defense game Conjurer: Awoken arrives with a dark horror storyline to enjoy

Most tower defense games really don’t have a storyline that most gamers would care about. Instead it’s about defending your base with towers that you can upgrade, rinse, repeat, etc, etc. Conjurer: Awoken however is a slightly different type of tower defense game because it actually have a storyline to it that doesn’t suck.

As you are probably awake from the title of this article, Conjurer: Awoken has a Lovecraftian style theme to it that is, as the developers explain it, a story that is guilt-driven horror.

In fact the game has a pretty interesting storyline to follow as the developer explains:

A single creature inspired the world of Conjurer. I then wondered where it came from – and who was responsible. Playing as the flawed wizard who breaks the rules and allows monstrous beasts to enter his world is much more engaging than being the good guy. With Conjurer, I wanted to create an atmosphere of impending doom, of grave mistakes that if left unattended would lead to a sudden, horrific end.

Conjurer: Awoken Features:

* 10 unique levels from icy tundras to swamps, multiple paths, and one with no towers!
* Use powerful magic, like fire ball or trap, to take out groups of enemies
* Upgrade your crystals to new types: AOE, long-range, siphon, and more!
* Choose wisely to spend your mana on either upgrading your crystals or magic
* Level up your mage and choose where to specialize
* A 12 level story mode with cut-scenes and a dark tale of a mage who unleashed chaos into the world
* Unlock endless and highscore modes with leaderboards!
* Play up to 4th level for FREE!

While this game is a tower defense title, you also have spells in your arsenal to use when needed. As you’re fending off the monsters that come at you, the story about the wizard will play out but in his own words, through a first-person perspective.

Conjurer: Awoken is available for download for free to try out. If you want to unlock the full version you can do so through a $1.99 IAP in-game.

Google Play Link: Conjurer: Awoken

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