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Small World 2 arrives today with cross-platform support between PC and Android devices

A new strategy game is making its way to Android today that will also support cross-platform gameplay between all versions of it. Small World 2 is slated for release today onto PC and Android while the iOS version has already been out since September of this year. This means you’ll be able to play against PC and iOS players as well as Android ones.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Small World 2 recently had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $400K to bring the game to PC and Android devices. This title originally was a tabletop game but has been recreated into a video game so fans of the original tabletop one can play it while on the go. Small World 2 is sort of like RISK in that your goal is to dominate the board and all locations on it.

There are 20 different races to play as, each with their own benefits, troop types and skills available. As you’re probably already guessing, Small World 2 has multiplayer gaming available, supporting up to 5 people in a match whether it be pass-and-play, local wireless via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, real-time online or asynchronous online modes. What’s really cool about the multiplayer modes is that when an expansion comes out, not everyone has to own it to play in it. As long as one person owns an expansion in multiplayer, everyone in that match can play using the expansion’s content.

With the cross-platform support, you’ll be able to log into any device and continue with a match you’re involved in using your own account. So you can play while on the go on your tablet, for example, but log into the PC version when you get home and continue from there.

Small World 2 is slated for release today. At the time of writing this the Android version has yet to hit Google Play. When it does arrive you can grab it through the link below. It is available through Steam for PC right now though.

Google Play Link: Small World 2

Website Referenced: Polygon

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