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DeNA brings Valentine’s Day content to four different games including G.I. Joe and Flutter

DeNA is usually on point when it comes to updating some of their more popular games with new content for each holiday that creeps up on us and Valentine’s Day is apparently no exception to this. As of right now four of the more popular games will be getting very shortly their new Valentine’s Day themed content added to them.

So if you play any of the following games, here’s what you can except in terms of Valentine’s Day content:

· Flutter – Express your love of nature in this special 10-day in-game “Aphrodite” event. Incredible real life species dazzle and entice a player’s desire to gift between friends. Players who complete the Aphrodite set will receive a special rose decoration for their forest. Treasure chests from gifting also offers more chances to collect the event flower needed to attract limited butterflies. This event is playable from February 6 through Feb. 16.

· G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND – The holiday of love falls in the middle of G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND’s special “When Worlds Collide” dungeon event. Find out if the love between the Baroness and Steeler are powerful enough to keep them together in an alternate world; or will Steeler be pulled back to reality to see his true love as a diabolical villain? The live event runs from February 13 through Feb. 19.

· HellFire: The Summoning – Love and desire run rampant in this Valentine’s Day event happening February 11 through Feb. 17. Valentinus has fallen deeply in love with a pure-hearted, beautiful girl. She loves him back with all her soul but her wealthy father rejects the idea of welcoming the poor, raggedy Valentinus into the family. Devising a plan to eliminate him, the father promises his daughter’s hand in marriage if Valentinus can catch all the legendary Love Nymphs in the nearby forest, a feat no man has ever accomplished. Help Valentinus achieve the impossible and marry his true love!

· Monster Match – A once beautiful swan has been transformed into an ugly duckling by the voodoo toucan for committing the crime of vanity in a special Monster Match event happening February 13 through Feb. 19. The ugly duckling now must learn the true meaning of love as she fights her way back to her once beautiful form. Along the way she might even fall in love.

Most of the Valentine’s Day content won’t be hitting these games until next week except for the Flutter update which will be landing in two days. Enjoy.

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