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Out Now in the Play Store: Cannon Crasha: Pixel Blasting Fun

Gango Games and Fabraz have crafted a game with depth and a robust amount of fun based on a simple concept and a myriad of pixels. Cannon Crasha was released earlier this month in the Play Store. The goal of the game is uncomplicated; destroy your enemy’s castle. The way you choose to do that surprisingly, is based on an array of options and strategic implementation. This is what makes Cannon Crasha a blast to play.

Two castles, one kingom. Win the battlefield by strategically shooting your cannon, controlling a small army and using wizard spells!” – Gango Games & Fabraz   Reading the description of the game and then taking a look at the pixel-based graphics can fool you on this one. Wrapped up in delightfully simple graphics is a game that is well thought out, challenging and full of depth. The king needs your help to destroy the enemy’s castle. Each level has a cut scene that helps to develop the story. There are forty levels in the campaign mode which traverse four different regions.

Cannon Crasha Features:

– 40 Campaign levels in 4 unique worlds.
– Interactive comics & witty dialogue throughout the campaign.
– 3 extra game modes: Free play, Survival & Goal Hunt that add lots of content.
– 2 stores, a vanity store for visual skins & an item store for consumable items.
– Achievements that unlock rewards & competitive leaderboards.
– Custom soundtrack, featuring a unique mix of chiptune & orchestral music.
– Detailed pixel art with lots of colors, charm & easter eggs.
– 20+ hours of content filled with unlockables and secrets, can you find them all?
– Tablet only: Local Multiplayer, play with your friends on one device.

Your primary weapon in your castle is your cannon, but that is not all you will need to lead you to victory. In the heart of the castle is a room which produces gold. With the gold that is produced you are able to choose the type of cannon balls that you will use, the army that will aid you, defense mechanisms such as steel beams to deflect incoming cannons, and utilizing a wizard that is able to cast spells for you. The game is not necessarily turn-based strategy, but after you fire your cannon, you have to wait 3-4 seconds before you are able to fire it again. In addition, you are able to determine the trajectory and power of your cannon. While this might seem simple at first, it takes on another level of complexity when you have to take into account the direction of the wind, defense beams placed by your enemy, the type of ammunition you are using and cannon balls that will sometimes collide with those of your enemy.

Cannon Crasha has multiple play modes:  campaign, arena and multiplayer. In the arena you have three options: Free Play, Survival and Goal Hunt. Multiplayer (Tablet only) allows you to play head to head on one device. You can play via shared screen or split screen. The game is integrated with Google Game Play Services which includes thirty-five achievements and multiple leaderboards.

Should you download Cannon Crasha? If you enjoy castle defense games that are fun and full of strategy the answer is simple, yes you should. Gango Games and Fabraz have poured a huge amount of detail and strategy into every pixel. Cannon Crasha is free to play and has in app purchases. The in app purchases do not seem to detract from the game play and in playing multiple levels; I have yet to encounter ads. Don’t let the game being free to play keep you from trying this one out.  It has a lot to offer.

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