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Arriving Today: Strike Wing: Raptor Rising – Crescent Moon Games Space Fighting Simulator

Crescent Moon Games is on a roll with another release this week. This time, in collaboration with Dream Builder Studios, the result is a fluid space fighting simulator where you explore the depths of space in search of what took place during the Sirius Incident.  The Sirius Incident is described as the largest friendly fire engagement in history. As part of a black ops team, you will pilot your spacecraft into dangerous territory to find out the truth.

What makes or breaks any flight simulator largely depends on the controls. In Strike Wing: Raptor Rising you have two options. You can use the gyroscope controls built into your device (tilt controls), or you can use the on-screen d-pad controller. Both options seemed to work pretty well. A lot of it depends on your preference when you are playing this type of game. I typically prefer the on-screen d-pad, but while trying out this game, the tilt controls seemed to work better for me. In addition, you can choose whether you play with the cockpit view (inside the spaceship) or from a third person perspective. Again, this largely depends upon preference. You do have the same control options from either view.

The graphics are impressive considering the amount of detail. Especially when you realize that most of the environment will be rapidly whizzing by as you adjust your view to target the enemy. Crescent Moon Games says the game is available for Android devices with 4.0 and up. So that lets you know that the graphics may push your hardware a bit depending on your device.

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising Features:

Story mode – explore the story behind the elite squadron aboard the Raptor, a deep space covert operations corvette.
Challenge mode – fast paced combat scenarios that can be played in short bursts and adjust to your skill level.
Lots of ships to pilot – each with their own strengths, weaknesses and weapons. Ships from 3 factions are in the game from launch!
Achievements – Can you get all the achievements in the game? Beware! Many of them require real skill.
Beautiful graphics – fight in deep space, between asteroids or near orbit. All space environments and ships are beautifully rendered.
Sharp controls – experience full 360 degrees of freedom by using touch or tilt controls.
Cockpit view – Want to feel even more like a real pilot? The Android version of Strike Wing gives you the first person cockpit view right from launch

Pilot the fastest space fighters, tear down capital ships and shoot down enemy aces! Are you up to the challenge? Strike Wing: Raptor Rising is bringing high action fast paced space combat to Android devices. The game allows you to play at your own pace in one of the many available game modes. You can explore the mystery of the Sirius Incident in the episodic story campaign or fly any one of the 6 challenge scenarios present in the game. The challenge scenarios provide high replay value by adjusting to your play-style. You can make them even harder at the flip of a switch or by using one of the game’s many power-ups. – Crescent Moon Games

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising is available to download as a free demo. The demo allows you to play the first mission in addition to going through the training tutorial of how to pilot your ship. To unlock the full game, it will cost you $3.99. The full download includes all missions, ships and challenges. The game is integrated with Google Game Play Services and it includes 42 achievements.

Google Play Link: Strike Wing

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