Day: November 20, 2014

Game News

[UPDATE] Monument Valley is the Free App of the Day on Amazon

If you have never played the excellent title Monument Valley from USTWO Games, now is the time to give it a try. The Amazon App Store has Monument Valley as the Free App of the Day. This deal only lasts 24 hours, so get it while you can. Monument Valley has received excellent reviews, and it is a beautifully rendered 3D puzzle game. The game currently costs $3.99 in the Play Store. The expansion to Monument Valley “Forgotten Shores,” has been released on iOS and it should make its way to Android soon.

Game News

[Updated] Kingdom Rush Origins is Coming to Android This Fall

Ironhide Game Studios has crafted one of the more popular tower defense games in recent history. It began with Kingdom Rush, and then they followed it up with Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Earlier this summer, we heard rumblings about a new game coming our way. The news has been quiet, but today, a new video has emerged, via Ironhide Game Studio’s Twitter feed. The video lets us know that Kingdom Rush Origins will be out this fall. We still don’t know much about the game, but it is always good to hear that things are still progressing well, when it comes to a new game.

Game News

Ms. Kong from Headup Games Swings into the Play Store and Revives the Endless Runner Genre

There have been a lot, and that is putting it lightly, endless runners, since the success of Temple Run. It has been a long time, since I have played an endless runner that is so close in style to Temple Run, without yawning and thinking, this is more of the same. Headup Games, out of Cologne, Germany, teamed up with Level Bit, has just changed my mind again about the endless runner genre. Though the mechanics are exactly the same as other endless runners, Ms. Kong, their latest game, appears to have refreshed the genre. Welcome to the jungle!

Game News

Blitz Racer by Mudloop: A Nimble and Colorful Racer Worth Downloading

Sven Magnus, better known to the world as Indie Game Developer, Mudloop, has just released a dynamic little game into the Play Store. Mudloop is based in Belgium, and Mr. Magnus develops his games in Unity and Flash. He has multiple games in the Play Store, such as ADAM, Bye Bye Kitty and 1-Bit-Hero-Retro Platformer. His latest project, is a wonderful arcade racer that is nimble, colorful and fun, called Blitz Racer.