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Blitz Racer by Mudloop: A Nimble and Colorful Racer Worth Downloading

Sven Magnus, better known to the world as Indie Game Developer, Mudloop, has just released a dynamic little game into the Play Store. Mudloop is based in Belgium, and Mr. Magnus develops his games in Unity and Flash. He has multiple games in the Play Store, such as ADAM, Bye Bye Kitty and 1-Bit-Hero-Retro Platformer. His latest project, is a wonderful arcade racer that is nimble, colorful and fun, called Blitz Racer.

There are some games that just get it right. The graphics, the music and the controls, feel right the first time you play it. Blitz Racer easily falls into that category. The reason I find that interesting with this title is because of the control scheme. The controls are easy, one button to turn left and one button to turn right. In other games that I have played that have similar controls, I have been challenged by them for some reason. That is not the case with Blitz Racer, and it could be because of the isometric view the game is played in. These controls work so well, that you would think you were using a gamepad controller. That is high praise no doubt, but the controls really are that good. That is important too, because without controls this good, this game would ultimately fail.

In Blitz Racer, your vehicle looks like a wedge-shaped piece of pie. An interesting shape no doubt, but it works well in its surroundings. “Bitz Racer is a fun racing game, with a minimal art style, unique controls and challenging gameplay.” – Mudloop  The description fits the game perfectly. The artwork is minimal, but quite pleasant, in its varying color schemes per track. The controls, which I have already spoken of, are great. The gameplay is extremely challenging. Yes, this can be a difficult game, but it is enjoyable in the process, and that balance is hard to strike in games. 

What makes the game challenging is that you can only make 90 degree turns. The track slowly unfolds before you. So, you really only have a few moments to make a decision about which way to turn. The good thing is that when you crash, you will start over again… and again. You will be able to learn the tracks this way, as you get farther down the road. There are places where you hit accelerators on the tracks too, which really speed up things and that requires you to respond even more quickly.

The game works so well because, when you make those 90 degree turns, they are spot on. It is almost like stopping on a dime, except there is no stopping here. This is an auto runner. There aren’t any brakes either. You will crash into obstacles repeatedly, so get used to seeing an explosion of pixels.

The other tracks are unlocked by stars. Stars are acquired by how many times you complete a specific track. This could take some time, depending on how good you are at this game. There are currently, only six tracks available.

Blitz Racer Features:

  • Unique gameplay
  • 6 isometric race tracks
  • Minimal graphics with plenty of style
  • Catchy soundtrack

Blitz Racer is free to play. There are in-game ads that only appear, after you have crashed your vehicle. To unlock the ads cost $.99. The game is integrated with Google Game Play Services with Leaderboards and Achievements.

There is quite a lot to like about Blitz Racer. The visuals are refreshing, the music enjoyable, the tracks challenging, and controls that would do well on any racing game. Though the game is challenging, Blitz Racer is easy to recommend as a game you should download and try. It is free to play so you have nothing to lose. Especially since the only in-app purchase is to unlock the ads. In my opinion, Mud Loop has a hit on their hands. Hopefully many people will take notice of this gem of an arcade racer. Back to racing!

Blitz Racing: Blitz Racer

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