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[Update: Released] Chesslike is a meshing of roguelike games and Chess

We get to see plenty of hybrid games that mesh two or more genres together come our way and we have seen pretty much every combination that you can think of. We’ve even seen some that you wouldn’t expect to make sense but end up working out quite well. This is the case with a game called Chesslike that will be heading to Android soon.

Update: February 11th, 2015 11:12am PST: The wait is finally over and Chesslike is now available on Google Play. You can pick up a copy for $1.99 through the link at the bottomw.

Chesslike is a blend of the board game Chess and the concept of Rgouelike games (think roguelike dungeon crawlers) into one game. The game features Chess pieces which is what you will be controlling and just like the board game, your pieces are restricted to the movement that they have been designated with. For example, Bishops can only move diagonally. Instead of monsters and other nasty creatures, your enemies in this game are pawns, who are also restricted in movement with only being able to move one space at a time.

The entire game is played in a turn-based fashion as well which keeps to the whole roguelike and Chess style of gameplay that people are used to. You will have to move your pieces through the dungeons each turn, killing the pawns you come into contact with. However, the levels are not randomly generated which is interesting since half of this is supposed to be based off of the concept of Roguelike games and randomly generated content is usually a big part of that.

Either way Chesslike looks like a pretty interesting game. Unfortunately there is no specific release date for Chesslike, only that is will be coming soon to Android and Kindle devices. If you want to play it now though, you can hit up the browser-based version of Chesslike over on the game’s official website to get your feet wet.

Official Website: Chesslike

Website Referenced: PocketGamer (for the original story)

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