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[UPDATE: Released] Coming This Fall to Android: Overkill 3 from Craneballs Studios

Craneballs Studios knows how to deliver the action in their games. They have released a few titles in the Play Store, most recently Overkill Mafia. Prior to the release of that game was Overkill, Overkill 2, Gun Master 3D, SuperRope and Fish Heroes.

[UPDATE: February 25, 11:24 AM, PST] In case you missed it, Overkill 3 is out and available for download off of Google Play for free and does contain optional IAPs as well. Link to the game on Google Play has been added at the bottom of this article.

[UPDATE: February 11, 8:50 AM, PST] We had heard that Overkill 3 was coming last fall. However, Craneballs Studios decided that they needed to test the game a little bit longer, to make it better. Well, now that is all done and complete, the game will be heading your way soon. We just got word via email, that we can expect to play Overkill 3, February 26th. So, that is only a couple of weeks away. If you want to learn more, head over to the official website for Overkill 3. The link is included below. Once the game hits the Play Store, we will let you know!

They will follow up on the success of their previous titles this fall when they release Overkill 3. Based on the teaser trailer, it seems the game has been completely overhauled graphically and they have changed the vantage point. Now you will play from a third person perspective in a cover- based type game which takes place in a gritty action-filled environment.

Here’s a quick description from the developers. “We’re moving on from gallery-shooting to 3rd person cover-based shooting. With interactive cut-scenes/runs between the covers. There will be boss fights, ragdoll physics, even a bit of level destruction. The idea is to bring console qualities to mobile gaming.” – Craneballs Studios

Craneballs Studios’ game quality is consistently high so we expect a lot from this title. It will be releasing in October and will be a free to play game.

Official Website: Overkill 3


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