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Tactics: Conqueror’s War capture-the-flag style game is now out for Android

From the makers of Kingdom Corps, Aiming Global Service Inc., comes Tactics: Conqueror’s War (TCW). TCW is a card-based, capture the flag style game, where players attempt to capture castles and fortresses that sprawled over a map. Players will build their decks, comprised of character cards, through “fusion” (this wasn’t explained in the presser) and dungeon exploration.

The decks will need supporting from players, by way of constructing towns, as well as buildings that provide resources. Tactics: Conqueror’s Wars also has a guild-based alliance system as well as the ability for players to either team up or compete for control of the aforementioned castles and fortresses.

Tactics: Conqueror’s War Features:

– Comprehensive guild system
– Single Player duels
– Cooperative battles
– Real-time progression
– Expansive deck-building
– Card Art designed by renowned Japanese artists
– Card Lotto System
– SNS Integration
– Google Achievements

In addition to real-time progression, the game also includes the ability to acquire new cards via lotto or via direct payment, as well as an “Item Mall”.

Here’s the bullet list for Campaigns:

Guild Recruitment – form guilds and earn rewards depending on the size of your guild.
Friend Invite Campaign – Invite players to pay Tactics: Conqueror’s War using your own Friend Invite code and earn rewards.
Pioneer’s Lotto Pack Sale – Special Lotto Sale containing cards that will help give you a leg up on the competition.
Pioneer’s CP Bonus Sales – CP is the in-game currency in Tactics: Conqueror’s War. Get more CP

The game was released near the beginning of this month for free and contins IAPs mentioned in the press release that I don’t see on the Google Play listing. Google Play mentioned that IAPs do exist in the game but when scrolling down to the details, it doesn’t show a price range for those IAPs which is a tad odd. Rest assured though, there are IAPs.

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