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Tiny Empire from Crescent Moon Games is Now Available in the Play Store

Crescent Moon Games and game developer Mgaia, has released Tiny Empire. It is a projectile based game full of pixels and cannon blasts. If you are a fan of games like Angry Birds, then Tiny Empire has a vast and rich world for you to explore, as you attempt to help the King defeat his foes.

Projectile-based games continue to be popular among a pretty large segment of mobile gamers. You can look at the incredible amount of downloads that Angry Birds 2 has received upon its release. Recently, Mgaia, with the publishing strength of Crescent Moon Games, has brought Tiny Empire to the forefront. It is a cannon blasting game that is full of character, great art, skill-based game play and delightful music.

“Launch cannonballs and blow tiny orcs into thousands of pieces in this intuitive fantasy-themed puzzle shooter! Embark on an epic medieval journey that will take you from the grasslands of the empire to the forgotten desert ruins, facing ever stronger enemies under the leadership of your beloved king.” – Crescent Moon Games/Mgaia

After playing several rounds, there is quite a bit to enjoy with Tiny Empire. Don’t let the pixels fool you. Tiny Empire has great animations and refined details in the pixels, which reminds me of the great work that has made game developer Nitrome popular. The goal of the game is to clear the board of all of the orcs and other beasts for the king. What makes the game more challenging, is having the king’s army on the battlefield. While you are trying to eliminate the enemy, you need to avoid hitting the king’s men. If you clear out all of the monsters successfully, you will be rewarded with three stars. In addition, you will be awarded diamonds when you perform certain tasks, like killing all the orcs with one cannonball. Another intriguing twist with the game is that the cannon is located in different places on different levels. This helps with keeping the game’s levels fresh. So don’t worry about being stuck on the left side of your screen, always aiming to the right.

Diamonds are the currency in the game. They allow you to upgrade the type of cannons you use, types of cannonballs, as well as provide new helms and shields, to help protect the king’s army from the blasts of your cannon.

The game is integrated with Google Game Play Services and has seventeen achievements to unlock. There are over 80 levels in the game. In a move to attempt to please all gamers, Crescent Moon Games is offering two different versions of the game. One is free to download and has ads and in-app purchases. They are also offering Tiny Empire: Epic Edition, which is the premium version of the game with absolutely no advertisements or in-app purchases for $2.99 This way, if you don’t mind free-to-play games you can download the first version. If you don’t like ads or in-app purchases, then the Epic Edition is what you are looking for. Either way, there is plenty of fun to experience in Tiny Empire.


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