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Anshar War 2 from OZWE Games has launched for the Samsung Gear VR

OZWE Games has announced today that the sequel to their Anshar War Virtual Reality game is now available for Samsung Gear VR owners to download and play. For those of you not familiar with this franchise, Anshar War, and not the sequel as well, are arcade space shooter type of games.

Players will be controlling where their ship goes by the direction they look with their Gear VR headset. You will select which ship you want to use, out of the available three options currently, and then head off into space to work your way through the single-player campaign missions. In total, there are 13 missions to complete that follow the game’s storyline.

In order to complete all the objectives in each mission, players will need to be able to control their ship well, both in and out of combat. Your ship isn’t static either, instead your ship actually can go in all directions.

Early players consider it as the most complete game for Gear VR to date. While most games on Gear VR are stationary, Anshar Wars 2 utilizes the un-tethered nature of the Gear VR to let the player move its ship in all directions in order to complete the mission objectives. Due to its nature, the game is best played with a swivel chair, and a gamepad controller, while not necessary, is recommended for long hours of play. It is by far the best game we are created. I believe moving freely in virtual environments is a critical element to make fun games. When handled correctly, locomotion is less an issue in VR in my opinion, so players can wear their explorer hat in 360 environments, which is a great addition to the gameplay, and a unique experience. – Stephane Intissar, CEO at OZWE Games

For those of you who own a Samsung Gear VR headset, and want to grab this game, it is now available for download. You can also check out the game in action with the video below as well as additional screenshots.

Official Website: Anshar Wars 2

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