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Betcade, the first Android store for gambling apps and games, enters early access phase

There are a few third-party Android marketplaces out there that are actually worth their salt. Depending on what you’re looking for of course, if you are considering checking out a third-party marketplace, than chances are you’re looking for something that isn’t allowed on Google Play. This can be anything from Adult Entertainment to actual gambling apps and games, and a few other categories.

Google is pretty free with what goes onto Google Play, but they do make sure that some things don’t make it on there, like the above mentioned categories. This is where third-party markets come in. For adult related content, you have the MiKandi marketplace of course. For actual real gambling, there isn’t one. Soon, however, there will be and it is called Betcade.

Betcade is a dedicated third-party marketplace that will feature nothing but gambling related applications and games. The goal is to “providing casino operators with a unified, branded destination for gaming app distribution and management, and players with a trusted source for gaming app discovery and downloads”. Right now, if you wanted to look through a bunch of different applications for gambling, you’d have to go to each website and search through there for that one app by that one company. Don’t like it? Then you’d have to go to another website, search that company’s site and games, and decide if you like it. This will provide a singular place for people looking to gamble on the go to look through numerous applications all at once.

Players will be able to browse categories or search for apps, view a consistent set of information and reviews for every app, and easily install their desired apps on their devices. The store will also feature in-app deposits.

Early Access is now available for developers who want to check out the marketplace, early access to supporting documentation, direct support from the Betcade team, and offer feedback about everything before the full launch. You do have to have a licensed gambling app in order to be on this store. You can’t just whip one up and hope that the rules and laws don’t apply to you.

Official Website: Betcade Sign-up

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