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Multiplayer FPS game Fusion War updated with 5 vs 5 Arsenal Battle and more

Another multiplayer shooter has been updated on Android, although this time it is an FPS title. Fusion War, as the game is called, received a pretty big update with a few new game modes for players to partake in, a new soldier type to deal with, and new missions for players to complete.

The new game mode is called Arsenal Battle, located inside Corps War, which features either 2 vs 2 or 5 vs 5 multiplayer combat. The format is actually almost identical to Corps War except instead of trying to hold the Stronghold by yourself, you’ll have a team there to help you instead. Winning a match will net you plenty of rewards.

The other major addition to Fusion War is the Genemod Soldier. Unfortunately there isn’t any details about this new unit, other than the fact that they are pretty strong. There also seems to be a lot of them suddenly. Besides those two big additions to the game, there’s also new missions for players to try and beat.

If you have Fusion War installed, you can now download the update off of Google Play.

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