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DroidGamers is back with a whole new look!

Hey wonderful readers, Ash here. Just wanted to write a quick post to give you a brief update on recent events. As you can see, we’ve been working hard on a complete redesign of DroidGamers. We think it looks great, and we hope you do too!

As a result, there have been a few unfortunate side effects. DroidGamers had a small outage, lost a bit of content, and hasn’t maintained the output you’ve seen from us in recent weeks.

DroidGamers is back

But that’s all over now, and we’re raring to go. We really do value the support of every single reader – particularly those that come back every single day to catch up on all things Android games.

And we encourage you to keep coming back. Going forward, there’ll be frequent updates, more engagement, and a site that loads faster. Who doesn’t like that?

We’d also love to hear your feedback. Talk to us in the comments or reach out to us on social media (follow us onΒ FacebookΒ and Twitter) and we’ll do our best to respond. Keep the news tips coming as well – we always appreciate those!

Thanks for the patience, readers. Here’s to Android and moving forward!

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  • Samson Jp

    Are you guys going to update the app to

    • Droid Gamers

      At the moment the priority is the site, but we’ll take a look at the app at some point πŸ™‚

  • AnthonyKR

    Awesome work on the website! I was a bit worried my favorite spot for Android gaming was going permanently down, but good to see it was to come back stronger, faster, and better looking.

    • Droid Gamers

      Thanks for that!

  • ecchi

    Lol was the site down? Anyway site looks better and yeah loads much faster. It was real slow before… probably the reason I don’t visit as much lol.

    • Droid Gamers

      Glad we’re better now!

  • Bastian Petersen

    are you going to answer emails and facebook messages? it was hard to get a contact in the past to this site..

    • Droid Gamers

      Thank you!

  • Bankerlang Marwein

    So pleased that Droidgamers is back!

    • Droid Gamers

      We are too!

  • Nice design update!

    • Droid Gamers

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Droid Gamers

    Hey guys,

    Great to hear you’re enjoying the new site. Stick around – we’re going to be constantly updating it bit by bit and increase the amount of content!

    DroidGamers Admin!

  • primalxconvoy

    This looks really nice, is fast and not clunky. Unlike most Android news sites out there, when you updated your site, you actually made it WORK with Android devices well in the update! I will be coming back more now, as it looks good on old versions of Dolphin browser (although I can’t reply using the old version, but taht’s beside the point). I hope you include the following in all future article headers at the main page:

    – Include the imporatnt details. What type of game, by who, what platform, premium/freemium and release date. THEN, I am more likely to click on the news article.

    Also, I hope you could cover more Shield TV and premium/hardware controller supported games (including mouse and keyboard, too).

    Cheers for the new site design!

    • Droid Gamers

      Thanks for the feedback! I think something formal about the dev and price etc is a good idea at the start of articles and we’ll have a think how to implement it!

  • Y Junction
  • Funem

    Define “raring to go” as there hasn’t been much change since the update, mostly two advert posts and the odd post for the LG G6. Loads of news and sales have been and gone and very still very little updates…… If its any help there is a new Humble Mobile Bundle to report on….

    • Droid Gamers

      Sorry Funem – Easter holidays meant we were a bit quiet but we’re aiming for 3 articles every weekday! If you have any tips then you can send them to [email protected] and we’ll take a look – thanks for the help πŸ™‚

      • Funem

        Easter Holidays !!! Gamers never rest….. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the reply though, As above though its worth reporting on the Humble Bundle as its a good one. IMHO it would be nice if the replies came from the individual and not the website though, its hard to work out who you have been talking to when talking about subjects that you have already brought up on the website and got a reply from….

  • Droid Gamers

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • huckjam

    Looks great and a site that loads faster is okay with me this is my homepage.