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The Sims Mobile is a brand new entry in the franchise, in soft launch on Android right now

The Sims Mobile

The Sims is back in an exclusive mobile entry, and you can grab the soft launch version right now. It’s only out in Brazil, but if you can get an account from that region you can also join in.

If you’ve played The Sims 4, you’ll notice that the mobile iteration takes its cues from the Legacy Challenge. Your goal is to build a family and support them through many generations, and you’ll earn trophies for doing so.

These trophies offer special perks that help your sims achieve their life goals. That’s pretty nice.

The Sims Mobile in every sense

The best part is that there’s a multiplayer component. You can host a party and have a bunch of your friends’ sims attend. If they then get on like a house on fire, they’ll be friends for life. They might even start a romantic relationship.

The Sims Mobile will officially launch “soon”, according to the press release. So if you can’t grab the Brazilian soft launch version on Google Play, chances are you won’t wait long.

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  • Do you still have to wait 15 minutes for a conversation to end in the game?

    • Grace Kornelis Tumewu

      no. it only 10-15s. but if ur sim r really tired, they will sleep for 1 hours 15 minutes and we should wait for it or skip it use cash.

    • pew Head

      At the beginning it’s almost all in no time like 10 seconds but when you’re getting levels around 3 – 4, it’s starting just like the Sims free play, 3 minutes for this, 5 hours just to sleep, and 1 hour for a snap, conversations take so much time and jobs are lacking of features, this franchise for phone is completely dead, EA Jut took a rip off of Sims free play, they changed the graphics a little and that’s all I saw, and hey I’m a fan of the Sims but the mobile version is just horrible, I expected more from this but they just want a P2P game

  • Sherbert T Cat

    its an EA game so IAPs and more IAPs.

    • Funem

      I hear there may be IAP’s to buy IAP’s.. gotta make money somehow.

      • Sherbert T Cat

        I remember playing the Sims Freeplay for a bit. I made an expy of Guy Fieri. The first thing the game prompts me to build, is a toilet for him to use. That was eerily true to life.

        • Funem

          EA released a full version of the Sims on mobile, I bought it and they pulled it about a year later. Must have been in favour of the free (IAP) version as there is nothing wrong with the full version I could see. I make a list of the links to all the games I have bought that have been removed from the play store as google make it nearly impossible to find them otherwise if you have purchased a lot of apps. May have a look and see how these compare.

  • Virginia Stafford

    Will there be upstairs in the houses?

  • Jaroslav Frencl

    Hi, any info about hw & sw requirements??