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We thought it would never happen, but Galaxy on Fire 3 is finally out on Android

Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore

Galaxy on Fire 3 sure took its sweet time coming to Android, didn’t it? Let’s hope it’s better late than never though, as it’s finally out on Google Play.

You play as a space mercenary, and have to take on a variety of contracts to earn dollar and upgrade your ship. Contracts play like your average shmup, with you firing off missiles, barrel-rolling out of the way of return fire, and blasting bosses to bits.

Galaxy on Fire 3

There’s a variety of different areas to fly through, so don’t be overly concerned that space will be boring. You can also bring your friends along for the ride by hiring their ships as wingmen. This isn’t in real time, but fun nonetheless.

Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore is out right now on Google Play.

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  • primalxconvoy

    No hardware controller support or Android/Shield Tv support yet, so not really interested. I have emailed the devs and asked them when this will happen.

  • WhoaManWtF

    This game is actually really good, the controls while touch only are pretty tight and it does not seem pay to win at least yet, I am not very far in though.

  • luter

    It’s out but it’s only available for high end devices with openGL ES 3.1 or Vulcan and 3gb Ram so unless you have a s6, 7 or something equivalent then skip it

  • Colin

    Oh dear how disapointing, wont play as i dont have vulcan graphics api, realy getting tired of mobile gaming being let down after let down.
    Glad im buying a nintendo switch, good bye to micro transaction pay to win riddled games.

  • mgsfoxhound2

    doesent come up with sheild tablet